Camps and Retreats FAQs

Does my child need to be able to catheterize independently to attend programs?
No. If your child is unable to self-cath our staff will do this for them and work with them on finding ways to help make them more independent in this area. Sometimes, we even have kids leave camp doing this for themselves!
My child has a bowel program... how does that work at camp?
During the weekend retreats we do not do bowel routines due to time constraints. However, in the summer time we have time set aside in the schedule called siesta every afternoon in which these routines are completed.
What type of staff are working with my child and how are they trained?
The counselors are primarily college level staff. They are trained in all aspects of personal care from showering and dressing to cathing and performing bowel routines by the Assocation staff. Also, there is an Association staff member on site during care times to assist as necessary.
My child takes medications, how are these administered?
For weekend retreats we ask that you bring all medications pre-dosed in either a pill container or med bags. The staff will them administer these medications at the appropriate time. In the summer we will send out medication bags to you so that you can mark and fill them before coming to camp, however, we still ask that you bring the original pill bottles with you as well.
Can my child call home or can I call them while they are at camp?
We do not recommend that parents speak with their children while they are at camp, as often times this increases or causes homesickness. We will be happy to take your call and tell you how they are doing and of course we will always call you if we have any questions. You can also send us emails which we will be happy to give to your child and of course campers are always happy to get letters from home.