FireFly Camps & Retreats

The mission of the FireFly camps and retreats program is to provide year-round opportunities for personal development, skills building, and family respite.

Summer Camps
The summer developmental camping program provides a traditional camp experience for individuals with spina bifida and related disabilities. The program combines traditional camp fun with skill development in a barrier-free atmosphere regardless of disability. For many, it is an opportunity to be with friends and experience activities never thought possible.

A primary focus of the program is to work on teaching health care, life management, pre-vocational, and interpersonal skills. These skills are taught indirectly through goal-oriented activities such as cooking, art, sports, nature, archery, swimming, and discussion groups. Each summer program has a specific theme with targeted goals and objectives. Personalized goal plans are also created for each participant. The individual does not need to be independent in self care routines to participate. Groups are determined based on age and interests.

Camps We Offer
Adult Camp- for Adults with spina bifida or a related disability
Youth/Teen Camp-for youth, teens, and young adults ages 6-21.
Mini Day Camp- children ages 2 to 5, along with their parent(s) and sibling(s). Focus is on becoming acquainted with the camp and making friends.

Weekend Retreats
Year-round weekend retreats are an extension of the summer program. They enable participants to get together with friends for one weekend each month throughout the year. The emphasis of the program is on developing and maintaining friendships. Groups are based on age.

Retreats We Offer
Adults- for adults with spina bifida ages 21+
Youth/Teen- for children and teens ages 6-21

For more information please contact us at Info@sbawp.org.