Camp Fees and Registration

Current fees to attend Weekend Retreats and Summer Camp Programs are as follows:

$380 for each 2018-2019 weekend retreat
$1140 for Adult 2018 Summer Camp (6 nights)
$950 for Y/T 2018 Summer Camp (5 nights)

**Disclaimer; the cost responsible for each family may not may not reflect what is above**

The SBAWP remains committed to giving individuals the opportunity to participate regardless of ability to pay. If you are in need of financial assistance please click on the following Campership Application.

2018-2019 campership application

Camperships are limited to 85% of the cost of the program. Families are asked to contribute the other 15% out of pocket or raise it through participation in fundraisers.

We will work with you to cover costs in any way we can. If you have any questions in regard to the Campership Application, please contact Trisha at tpipchok@sbawp.org or by phone at 724-934-9600. We hope to see you at camp!