Head Lice Prevention

Nitpicking! Camp and Head Lice

With weekend retreats and summer camp, kids are excited and looking forward to all the fun they will have with their friends, but parents are always thinking about potential risks and issues. One of these potential issues is head lice.No parent wants to get a phone call saying that their child has head lice and no parent wants to discover that their child has brought head lice home. So the question is what do parents do to decrease the chances their child will come home from camp with extra visitors?First and foremost, it is important to educate your child on head lice prevention. Remind them before sending them off to camp that sometimes it’s not ok to share their things and items such as hats, helmets, towels, hairbrushes, combs, and barrettes are primary ways that head lice are shared as well as through head to head and hair to hair contact.

It is important to mention that although head lice are a nuisance they do not transmit disease. It is common for parents to become upset when they learn that their child has lice but it is a fairly common problem and has nothing to do with good hygiene or good parenting.

In an attempt to prevent head lice from being shared at camp we are asking that parents follow some simple steps before bringing their child to camp. We are suggesting that families use the Nuvo method. This method involves the use of Cetaphil cleanser which is an over the counter skin cleanser. For prevention, it is recommended that 8 oz of Cetaphil lotion be applied to a dry scalp. Once the lotion is applied to the scalp it should be massaged throughout the scalp and hair. Leave the lotion on the scalp for 2 minutes and then use a comb to comb out as much Cetaphil lotion as possible. Finally, blow dry the hair until it is completely dry. Leave the lotion on for at least 8 hours. This method has been used by other camps in the tri-state region and has been found to be very successful in the prevention of children bringing lice to camp and sharing them while they are at camp!

If you would like more information on the Nuvo method please visit http://nuvoforheadlice.com/.