Schedule of FireFly Camps and Retreats

Year-round weekend retreats are an extension of the summer program. They enable participants to get together with friends for one weekend each month throughout the year. The emphasis of the program is on developing and maintaining friendships. Groups are based on age.

FireFly 2017 Fall Retreats                                                                                                                              
Sept 29-October 1 (Adult retreat)

October 6-8 (Youth/Teen Retreat)

December 1-3 (Adult Retreat)

December 8-10 (Youth/Teen Retreat)

FireFly 2018 Spring Retreats

February 23-25 (Adult Retreat)

March 9-11 (Youth/Teen Retreat)

April 13-15 (Adult Retreat)

May 11-13, 2018 (Youth/Teen Retreat, Mother’s Day Brunch)

FireFly 2018 Summer Camps
July 1-7th, 2018 (Adult Camp)
July 8-13th, 2018 (Youth/Teen Camp)